Digital Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable see a lot of documents coming across their desk and email system. Keeping on top of all the invoices that need to be paid as well as order and delivery documents. Hence the importance of keeping a well organised system to file these documents so that accounts reconciliation is much more efficient.

Reduced Data Entry

Using powerful OCR and data extraction technology, significantly reduce your data entry labour.

Intelligent Matching

Match incoming invoices to Purchase Orders or Goods Receipts, and flag any exceptions for handling, while fully matched documents are automatically progressed through the process.

Greater Visibility

Through the flexible workflow engine, you will gain greater visibility of any accounts payable information at any time, allowing you to make informed decisions, and manage issues proactively.

Digital Workflow

A digital representation of your current process that allows you to run your business the way you need to, but digitally.

Minimise Errors

Using strong validation and verification rules, data can be validated and verified before processing through your systems, reducing human-based errors.

Increased Productivity

By spending less time on administrative and manual tasks, your staff can spend time on more valuable activities.

True Return on Investment

Due to tangible reduction in effort, and greater visibility and stronger data process, the return on investment (ROI) is easily achieved and measurable.

The Accounts Payable Challenge

Managing all Accounts Payables related tasks can be overwhelming. A number of issues can come up such as poor data entry, misplaced invoices, slow and inconsistent invoice processing and at times, lost money.

Our innovative technology automates and better tracks accounts payable activities such as invoice scanning, data extraction and classification. It also provides recognition of data, validation, sorting and archiving to significantly speed up your accounts payable process. 

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