A Document Management System is the use of software and systems to manage, store, track, and file electronic documents and images of paper-based information captured through scanning.  It is a solution for many companies which allows them to manage and organise business-critical information in a simple, cloud-friendly way to drive business efficiencies on what can often be cumbersome administrative tasks.

This applies to every part of the business including the areas mentioned below.

Document Challenge

The amount of documents running through every part of your business can be overwhelming. To add to that, every employee has a different way to store and file these documents which are exposed to security risks or lost if they depart.

Document Solution

Easy implementation of Docufy’s solution with streamlined workflows built in to automate the flow of important documents in a safe and secure way.

Benefits of a Document Management System

  • Central Repository
    Whether it is a legal document on employment contract, our document management software you can store and search all business documents from one central location
  • Reduced Costs
    In this digital age people are signing documents digitally with less reliance on physical storage rooms for documents and files. This can significantly reduce costs as there is less paper and storage requirements.
  • Increased Efficiency
    Our software offers workflows to ensure efficient movement of documents to speed up business processes and enhance productivity.
  • Easy Information Access
    Document management systems provide a central location for all files, documents, web links, and other rich media. This makes it extremely easy for team members, regardless of their location to access information from any device and any location.
  • Data Security
    Features like document access control, document tracking, password protection, version control, real-time collaboration, real-time notifications ensure your data is backed up and protected from viruses.
  • Collaborative
    The ease of sharing documents and multiple people being able to work on one document concurrently enhances collaboration and drives competitive advantage.
document management

Our Process

We provide a simple 4 step process to assessing and implementing the best document solution for your specific requirements.