All Australian businesses have the important responsibility to ensure they are looking after the health and safety of their employees as per the regulations and policies set by Safework Australia.

This workplace health and safety (WHS) also known as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), involves the assessment and mitigation of risks. These must be documented policies which are easily accessible to all employees with a system in place to record any incidents as they happen. Therefore having a good document management system in place is important to ensure these requirements are met.

The Challenge

For small and medium size businesses, workplace health and safety can often be overlooked, especially when it comes to visitors entering their premises. For large businesses, ensuring all incidents are reported is a significant challenge.

The Solution

Docufy has an easy solution to this challenge with the ability to create workflows that ensure high levels of health and safety. This includes a system which guides visitors through the health and safety policies when checking in, while providing your staff with the information and processes to keep them safe.

Benefits of a Workplace Health & Safety System

In addition to providing a safer workplace environment, there are a number of benefits to a workplace health and safety system including the following.

Visitor Management System

Business responsibilities around Workplace Health & Safety extends further than employees, it also covers visitors who meet with staff on the business premises.

It is therefore important to have a visitor management system in place to share your workplace health and safety policies while recording visitor details so that you can account for everyone that is onsite in the event of a fire or natural disaster.

Docufy has helped a number of businesses implement these systems to streamline visitor management and ensure the business meets all the necessary workplace and safety standards while providing a great user experience for visitors.

Visitor Management

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