Improve the efficiency of your businesses printing: Successful business owners’ secrets revealed

All across Australia, small and mid-sized businesses are losing time and money. What is the leading cause? A simple failure to streamline printing efficiency. While this problem may seem minor, inefficient business printing can have a serious impact on your business’ productivity and bottom line.

Fortunately, though, once realised, this problem can be easily fixed. Simply follow these business owners’ tips, and you will vastly improve your business’ productivity and profits.

Evaluate current print efficiency

The first step in improving your business’ print efficiency is closely examining existing systems and process. Identify areas where certain jobs take longer than required, and determine how these tasks may be done more efficiently.

An effective way to implement change is to ensure staff members are equipped with the right hardware and software. This can reduce costs, speed up processes and increase overall company efficiency.

Or, if you use an old printer used for multiple print and copy jobs, simply replacing it with a modern, faster printer can speed up jobs and save staff members’ time.

Reduce outsourced printing jobs

It is common business practice to outsource corporate marketing printing to an external company. This results in you having little control over printing projects and having to pay a third party.

The more efficient option is to invest in printing equipment which supports large print runs for your business’ promotional and marketing materials. Following your initial investment, the cost and efficiency savings you will incur ensure the equipment pays for itself in the long run.

Reduce colour print volumes

Another effective way to save money while improving print efficiency is making black and white printing in your office. Ensure everyday printing is done in black and white, only use colour on documents which require it.

Reduce waste

With the efficiency and convenience of electronic documents (i.e. Google Docs, PDFs, etc.) it is no longer necessary for each staff member to have a physical copy of every document. For instance, documents which are used frequently and require constant revision and amendment can be effectively managed via the company server.

To reduce waste (and printing frequency), implement a rule in which staff only print salient pages, until the document is finalised.

Choose appropriate printing hardware

Investing in the ideal printing hardware for your business will help your business run more efficiently and save your money in the long-term. Ensure you choose equipment suitable for your business’ size and the volume of printing you require.

Discuss your business’ printing needs with Docufy

Before purchasing any printing equipment for your business, seek the advice of an expert printing supply company. By taking the time to discuss your printing requirements with an expert, you’ll find the right equipment for your needs, ensuring your business is run efficiently and cost-effectively.

Are you starting a new business, or is your current printing equipment ineffective and out of date? If so, discuss your printing needs with the expert team at Docufy today.

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