We believe in a pro-active approach to your IT Systems instead of the more common “break and fix” practices adopted by most IT support companies. With our Managed Services, your IT needs are addressed quickly and efficiently. We are strong believers in the fact that if your systems are maintained and regularly looked after they will be working for you instead of against you like you may have experienced in the past.

Our Managed Services systems enable us to be more proactive by detecting problems before they become problems and fixing them before they fail. The most common mistake that we find with with IT systems is that businesses tend to not take control and manage their IT services, instead they just keep doing what it takes to keep it working. Good management of your IT systems is essential to ensure reliability and maximise your company’s performance by avoiding unwanted downtime. Our systems help to avoid those unwanted surprises giving you the peace of mind knowing that as soon as your computers are supported by us, they will be maintained and kept at peak performance for their life within your company.



Our Business IT Support Plans provide a range of different options from simple prepaid support hours right up to Gold & Platinum plans that offer proactive IT management and unlimited support for your business in Melbourne. It’s not just about monitoring that lets you know something is wrong. It’s not just about remote access to troubleshoot issues. It’s about a proactive preventative approach to keeping your systems online. That’s why our managed IT services utilize a series of best practices we have developed over our over 10 years of experience.

This aligned with our consultative account management and solution designs, we can ensure that not only are your systems reliable, but that you are planning for the future as well as implementing solutions and technologies that will constantly keep your business ahead of the rest. Our support plans are tailored to your needs, make contact with us today to find out the plan for you!


It is one thing to have your systems in place but…

Do you know what they are doing?
Do you know when they need to be replaced?
Do you have a 3 year plan for upgrading your equipment?

At Comwire IT we offer consultation services where we meet with you and discuss your business and the direction you want to take your business. This information will enable us to take a good look at your current systems, potential future systems as well as recommend features and solutions that you may not know about that could potentially revolutionize the way your business operates. If you are not proactively looking at your IT Systems and how you can best utilise them within your business, you are potentially missing out on innovations that could dramatically improve the way you interact with your clients.


All organisations are familiar with the roles of on premise servers. Our approach is to take a look at your organisation from the outside and designing an On Premise Server solution that suits your business needs, not a solution that your business needs to conform to.

Our experienced team are qualified in all levels of hardware and software to ensure the right solution can be implemented for you, whether that is 1 server or 15 servers replicated between 2 sites, our team can handle it all.

Being truly independent between cloud and on premise servers solutions, you can be rest assured that the solution we are recommended is perfect for your organisation. This also enables us to offer hybrid systems with moving some of your servers/services to the cloud and retaining that mix of traditional on premise servers to ensure your business has the best solution.



Private WAN (Wide Area Network) – Connecting your offices together, privately and securely.

Comwire’s Private WAN (Wide Area Network) service delivers a carrier-grade private MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) network for all of your remote sites. A private network gives your business the reliability (backed by 99.9% uptime SLAs), security (private network traffic never enters the public Internet), and performance to connect your remote sites back to the head office resources. By linking your remote sites, internet connections are no longer required for every site and can be consolidated to reduce expenditure.

Benefits of a Carrier-grade MPLS private network

Traffic never leaves enters the public Internet*, No IPSEC overhead on inter-site links, Unlimited traffic between your sites & Customisable speeds (2Mbps to 10Gbps – Ethernet)

Options for xDSL & Ethernet Internet Services – High-speed data network access

Comwire’s Ethernet Services offer high-speed connectivity to the public Internet design for business of any size.

Fixed monthly fees, Plans available to suit your budget and requirements, Option for metered internet, Scale up as your business grows & Customisable speeds (2Mbps to 1Gbps – Ethernet)


  • Lee Shrimpton
    Lee Shrimpton, General Manager VIC/NSW, Comwire IT

    Docufy has been able to asses our client’s entire paper environment, and exceed all of our expectations. The approach in evaluating situations and recommending ‘best practice’ solutions resulted in a significant reduction in overhead costs. The transition to new MFD’s ran smoothly and ahead of schedule in all our clients’ cases. Having the security and safety knowing we were getting looked after by experts was extremely reassuring and that is why we will continue to refer all clients to Docufy for years to come

  • Tom Langford
    Tom Langford, Director, Casa Amuk Clothing

    We have found Docufy to be professional, courteous and extremely reliable. Our printing solution is now cost effective for us, after years of out sourcing with very little control. Their account management team and ongoing consultative advice is second to none

  • Robert Krastic
    Robert Krastic, Managing Director, Sharper Cleaning

    Our relationship with Docufy has unquestionably improved our MFD & document presentation. Their business model, buying power, industry expertise and insight into the ‘copier’ market was an irresistible package which removed a major part of the procurement risk, and will continue to provide the firm with tangible ongoing benefits over the life of the equipment.

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