How it Works

3 steps away from saving up to 30% on your printing costs


We observe and analyse your printing needs.

We try and keep this part really simple. The first thing we do is come on site and carry out an audit of all your printer related equipment. We ask a few questions along the way and get a better understanding of:

How much you print?
What you print?
What is working well?
What you would like to do but can’t do at present?

The more information we can get the better we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.



We design a package which includes the printers, all the supplies and any on-going servicing needs in Melbourne. Once we have got all the information we need, this is where we use our expertise to come up with a better way of managing your printers. Of course, saving you money is our number one aim but we also want to create a print environment which you don’t have to worry about. So we come up with a package that will include:

New devices where required with all the installation and training you need to get them up and running.
All the supplies which are managed remotely, so no more having to re-order or carry stock.
We mange any service or maintenance issues so you don’t have to worry about anything if something does go wrong.
When we are finished you get a new printer fleet which will be more efficient, have greater functionality and will save you money. Better still you do this without having to outlay any capital at the start.


You simply pay a fixed monthly fee and just add the paper. Once you are happy with what we propose it couldn’t be simpler. We will manage the transition for you and ensure we deliver on what we have promised. Once completed all you end up having to do is pay an agreed fix monthly fee and you start benefiting from:

Brand new fleet of printers with only tier 1 brands.
Greater user satisfaction through increased functionality.
Increased efficiency through greater printer functionality.
No more supplies management- No ordering, no stocking, no hassle!
Reduced carbon footprint and energy costs with greener printer fleet.
Peace of mind with remote printer fleet helpdesk at your disposal.



  • Lee Shrimpton
    Lee Shrimpton, General Manager VIC/NSW, Comwire IT

    Docufy has been able to asses our client’s entire paper environment, and exceed all of our expectations. The approach in evaluating situations and recommending ‘best practice’ solutions resulted in a significant reduction in overhead costs. The transition to new MFD’s ran smoothly and ahead of schedule in all our clients’ cases. Having the security and safety knowing we were getting looked after by experts was extremely reassuring and that is why we will continue to refer all clients to Docufy for years to come

  • Tom Langford
    Tom Langford, Director, Casa Amuk Clothing

    We have found Docufy to be professional, courteous and extremely reliable. Our printing solution is now cost effective for us, after years of out sourcing with very little control. Their account management team and ongoing consultative advice is second to none

  • Robert Krastic
    Robert Krastic, Managing Director, Sharper Cleaning

    Our relationship with Docufy has unquestionably improved our MFD & document presentation. Their business model, buying power, industry expertise and insight into the ‘copier’ market was an irresistible package which removed a major part of the procurement risk, and will continue to provide the firm with tangible ongoing benefits over the life of the equipment.

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