Remedies for your business printing problems

Any business owner or finance professional will know that printing costs, maintenance and general management can be a logistical headache at the best of times. Indeed, there are a number of challenges to consider when implementing printing regulations and plans, including costs (particularly unanticipated costs), environmental and sustainability issues, data security, staff training and knowledge, transparency surrounding employee printing policies, maintenance and getting clearance from senior management.

An increasing number of businesses are now switching to managed print solutions, a service which makes managing printing much less arduous, stressful and confusing. The following print remedies are just a few ways businesses can solve some of their perennial print issues, and give a taster of the kind of things a managed print solutions company could do for you.

  1. Improve the functionality of your printer fleet

When a business has a tired and old printer (or not enough printers, for that matter), daily printing jobs can become a major source of frustration for employees. Antiquated printers can make printing jobs slower, as well as be subject to breakdowns and dodgy print quality.

To get around this, it may be a good idea to have your printers refurbished or replaced, as well as ordering enough to suit your business’s output. Signing up for managed print solutions can be a great way of making sure this is done efficiently and cost-effectively.

  1. Set out clear print policies for employees

It is important to set out clear guidelines for new employees when it comes to using the organisation’s printing facilities. This includes the sort of materials that are permitted to be printed, and whether there are any limits as to how much an individual employee can print in one day.

For companies looking to save costs or switch over to primarily to digital platforms, for example, restrictions may be a great way to achieve this. It may also be a great way to improve your company’s green credentials, which businesses may find are under increasing scrutiny in today’s eco-aware world.

  1. Train employees to use printing facilities properly

This may seem like an obvious one, but many managers simply assume that newly hired members of staff will be adept with printers. It is easy to forget that not everyone will have experienced the same printing systems before, or simply may not have the technological skills to undertake certain tasks. To save time and wasted paper, then, bringing in a brief printer training programme could do wonders for your print management.

  1. Keep on top of consumables stock

Keeping on top of re-ordering ink cartridges, paper and other printing essentials is one of the most arduous tasks associated with print management. Drawing up detailed trackers could be one way of doing it. The easiest way, however, is with a print management system, which will order new stock remotely as and when it is needed.

At Docufy, we offer managed print solutions to suit a whole range of business, drawing up detailed plans according to individual means and needs. If you would like to save money, time and energy on your company’s printing facilities, request a free consultation.